[Skirting the Issue]

Skirts are the must-have wardrobe piece for this temperamental weather. If it’s sunny, you can wear bare-legged with sandals, if its cooler you can team with tights.
Skirts are en vogue so there are lots of styles to stock up on.
Pleated midi’s have been around a while but they are my personal go-to skirt style at the moment. Whether you pair with a denim shirt of t-shirt with big ol’ statement necklace, they are so versatile. Another good midi style is the tube skirt. Always a little classier when worn at a longer length, this form-fitting style is flattering but work appropriate.
Depending on the weather, sometimes I step into mini-territory. I love the subtle A-line style from Asos.com, or the asymmetric style. It’s short but still remaining fashion forward.
Available from Asos.com
f3rametastic frametastic
If trend-setter is the direction you wish to go. I would opt for the new pencil skirt shape – with a peplum! All very Sex and The City! If you love this one from My Wardrobe, I would wear it with a plain tee.
Dressing down is the new dressing up.
Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 22.04.05

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