[My Wedding Shoes]

Now I’m not too sure how this blog is going to read, as quite frankly I’m struggling to put into words how happy I am with my wedding shoes. I’ve looked at them for a couple of days now, trying to think about how I can write this blog. But all I do is grin from ear to ear and stare at them…endlessly. I also make stupid videos of them.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about UpperStreet and my shoe designing experience on my endless search for the perfect bridal shoes.

Here they are…

wedding wedding2They are EXACTLY how I imagined my wedding shoes to be. They fit like they were made for me…which I guess makes sense! They are ‘wedding’ enough without being too out there. They are satin but subtle and the bow is cute without being too ‘kooky’. I’m just in ore of them. I can’t thank Upper Street for the opportunity to make my shoe dreams come true. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle in these.

The biggest thank you to UpperStreet for making me the happiest bride-to-be in the world!


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