[Pack It Up]

Tomorrow I’m moving house – gulp! In fact as you see this the chances are I’m sweating and moving boxes all over the place. Not ideal on this glorious summer day. Now, over the past few days I’ve realised quite how much work goes into moving house, however big the house is. And because of this I’m taking a page out of Emerald Street’s book and want to show you clever ways to store your stuff.

All those shoes, bags, files, photos and random objects that will come in useful one day need a place to rest. These storage options should help.


There’s more than a bit of Game Of Thrones about this  trunk from John Lewis’ traditional trunk range. This 47-litre size is about right for files, books or tech. It’s made from plywood and has a lock and handles. Available in seven colours. Traditional tuck box in burgundy, £100, John Lewis


This is a storage box disguised as a seat. A rather grand seat, with a birch frame upholstered in herringbone wool tweed. It measures W87 x D66 x H43cm, making it a comfy seat for one, plus it has space to store blankets. It also comes in grey and beige. Wolseley storage ottoman, £369, Made


We have on of these next to our sofa and we’ve filled it with magazines and the remote controls. A row of these on a shelf also looks pretty smart.  They have handles on the side and are made from coconut palm leaves, making them more of a decorative basket than sturdy removals box. Kettebo, £15, Ikea


Wooden crates are an effective way of storing miscellanea and they also work as shelves when wall-mounted. Vintage Crates specialises in sourcing crates worldwide. These ‘women’s crates’ were for female fruit pickers, who couldn’t lift as much as men. Pfft! Women’s vintage crate, £25, Vintage Crates


Next’s faux leather storage range has suitcases, baskets and drawers. The suitcases are particularly practical: they come as a set of two in differing sizes so they’re a neat stackable option. They also can fool visitors into thinking you’re a jetsetter. Tan faux leather storage suitcases, £90, Next


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