[What’s in my bag – Glasto Edition]

Ticket? Check. Tent? Check. Bag packed to the brim with stuff you maybe one day might need? Check.

The time has come – it’s Glastonbury time folks! Tonight is the night for last-minute packing. If, like me, you are leaving everything to the last-minute – it’s easy to forget those essential things that will help your weekend go off with a bang. Without sounding like a keeno, I’ve done quite a few festivals in my time and this is a list of essentials I ALWAYS take. No I’m not the most high maintenance of girls, and yes, some of you may think that cereal bars are not a necessity but four different shades of eye liner are. That’s just the way it goes. This is my realistic festival survival guide which I hope will help one or two of you who aren’t quite as accustomed to rolling around in fields as I am.


Rule 1) Take more than one pair of appropriate shoes 

This might seem like the most obvious thing in the world, apparently it isn’t. No wellies is not always the answer. If like me, you have experienced Glastonbury in the sweltering heat two years in a row, you will know what I’m talking about. Yes. If it rains wellies are the best option but if it’s sunny, they are the worst. There is nothing worse than being stuck at a festival with rubber induced blisters with your feet hotter than the sun. If you don’t like wellies, try some Dr Martens.

I always take a pair of trainers with me. They are easier to dance in, seriously light, and go with most things.

Rule 2) Create Comfort

Now, there are always people who think they can just turn up with a tent and be okay. They are STUPID. Here is a list of things I always take:

Torch nothing worse than turning your tent upside down in the dark

Disposable Camera batteries die

Emergency Poncho for when Mother Nature gets nasty

 Painkillers you are going to be hanging out of your arse come Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Toilet Roll you don’t want to be relying on someone else

Tooth Brush + Paste because standards will only be ok to slip so far

Optional Extras:

Lip Balm, Moisturiser, Dry Shampoo, Wet Wipes, Razor, Hand Sanitizer, Blanket/Chair

Rule 3) Take food and drink

Glastonbury is a bloody good festival – they allow you to bring booze in. Every year people worry about how much, will you be able to buy more bla bla bla. Put your booze in plastic bottles, take a trolly or wheel barrow and roll it in. Food glorious food…A meal will cost you anywhere between £3-15 at a festival so I always try to bring at least some with me. The food as festivals tends to actually be quite tasty, so I try to eat nice hot food at least three times during my stay. What can I say, I love a good pie.

I am taking to Glastonbury:

1 x packet of biscuits

1 x multipack of crisps

12 x cereal bars

6 x brioche

12 x drink cartons

2 x pot noodle

2 x pasta pot

1 x bag of apples



and a lot of booze

Rule 4) Wear what the hell you like

Packing for my first ever festival my boyfriend told it wasn’t a fashion show it was a festival. He was wrong. Some people don’t make an effort, others do. If I was you, I would embrace the 5 days a year that you can wear whatever the hell you like and nobody will care or judge you. From insane Indian headdresses to glow in the dark eye shadow – no one cares at festivals. You can wear hot pants and a bra and no one would flinch. You could dress as a giant banana – no one would look twice. I think a lot of people worry too much about what to wear. I would pack sensibly, bring things that can go with a lot (ie: denim shorts) and have fun with it. Bring layers and always jumpers. I always pack some kind of hat/headdress, mainly to hide the greasy monstrosity that hides beneath. I also always keen a clean fresh pair of clothes in the car for the way home. It’s always nice to put something clean on. Yes if you want to wear a floral crown, do it. If you want to rock a neon look, crack on. Just have fun.If you’re looking for some outfit inspiration – here you go 🙂

I hope this was helpful4eb60755324428d5258ea9420d9958ad 5cc12b152c470bd08d18d67ab6381433 281943b04b05e5fba5baff5d5ed20029


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