[Wedding Hair Inspiration]


When your big day’s just around the corner, every last detail needs to be perfect. Team ELLE have never been too handy when it comes to floral arrangements or place settings, but we’ve got your hair sorted for the main event with these expert tips. From finding the right shade and stylist, or doing it yourself, we’ve got all bases covered.  Click through to find out where to find the best inspiration for your look, as well as common bridal pitfalls to steer clear of to have you looking your best on special day. And let’s face it, in the photos too.


Luke Hersheson, uber-stylist says that “the subtle nuances are really important, because if you’re the kind of girl who always wears your hair pulled back with a tiny bit of looseness, and then some hairdresser just comes in and scrapes it back or puts loads of height in it, it can make you feel very uncomfortable. I always start off with how they normally wear their hair; it’s all about taking that difference point and working from that. You don’t want to walk down the aisle feeling a million times different to how you normally do. If you don’t normally wear your hair up, why would you on your wedding day?  There’s always good references on the red carpet, and you should look at your beauty icons from the past as well.” Berenice Bejo’s got it nailed with this whimsical, plaited updo.  ashleigh-white-taylor-taylor-london_GA


Taylor Taylor’s Ashleigh White says to hit the web: “The Internet and magazines are great places for inspiration. Pinterest is amazing for gaining ideas for every aspect of your wedding, especially hair ideas. Think about whether you want your hair to down, half up, all up, to the side, high or low. If there’s a lot of detail to the top of your dress it might be best to have your hair up to show it off, or if the dress is strapless go for some hair down so you don’t feel too exposed.” Try some catwalk inspiration, like the Bottega Veneta girls.



FOUR London’s Toby Rundle recommends “Think ‘wedding photographs’ – when you look back at them in years to come you want to say ‘wow’ not ‘ugh what was I thinking’. Gather several images of potential styles to give you and your stylist inspiration and a clear view of the style that you may want and will suit you best.” Elle Fanning looks picture perfect with her flowing tresses.



Kiki Koh reckons preparation is key: “Usually the bride would have one consultation followed by one trial – but if you are not satisfied with the look you can always have more.  Definitely come to the trial with your veil and headdress. On the whole it is better to decide on a style and then incorporate the headdress into it rather than the other way around. Home visits are definitely an option – brides don’t want to spend their wedding day rushing from the salon to the church!” The Jonathan Saunders’ girl has the perfect half-up, half-down look.



Ashleigh White has some advice on different hair types: “If you have fine straight hair that doesn’t hold a style well, it might be best to have your hair up so it lasts the whole day. Try not to go for anything to different to your usual style so you feel comfortable and like yourself. Get one of your bridesmaids to have a mini hairspray and some spare pins in their bag in case you need to touch the style up during the day. If you want to do your hair yourself , try soft waves look as this doesn’t have to be too perfect but looks lovely. There are lots of great tutorials on the Internet to help you.” We love Meadham Kirchoff’s quirky-cool updos.



Kiki Koh, senior stylist at John Frieda advises “The most important thing to remember is that the bride should look fresh and glowingon her wedding day!  Don’t choose a hairstyle you would never think of wearing normally – the hairstyle should also be in accordance with the dress and season.  Talk through the different options with your stylist and find the most flattering style for you” The Carolina Herrera girls epitomise fresh faced chic.



Luke Hersheson warns “I think the choice of the hairdresser is really important. It has to be someone that gets you and makes you feel really comfortable. You want go with someone you know. There’s this awful connotation with some hairdressers that  “hair up” means you have to be this stiff thing, or have this thing that looks you’ve been sat in a chair for hours and laboured over, which never looks attractive. It’s got to have that element of effortlessness. If there’s backcombing, make sure it’s broken up somehow. You don’t want lots of height and stiffness, they make you look like you’ve got a helmet on.” Hayden Panettiere looks breezy and cool with these waves.



Charles Worthington’s Marc Soobroy recommends: “Collate tear sheets and your own mood board – visual aids make a great communication tool. This is your day so never be shy in saying what you want! If your wedding hair is being done by your regular stylist, you only need one preparation session. If you are getting married abroad or a using a new hairdresser, I would suggest two consultations or at least speaking to the hairdresser first and take your tear sheets and mood board with you.” Emmy Rossum looks oh-so-pretty with this dainty updo.



Toby Rundle has some words of warning about colour: “Avoid having your hair coloured on the day – this should be done at least two weeks before the big day and no more than 4 weeks in advance, to avoid re-growth and any unwanted colour shades. The actual style you have chosen should be cut two weeks in advance to allow hair to settle in to style and to achieve maximum hair potential – shiny, no split ends, fresh.” Taylor Swift’s locks are gleaming with this blunt fringe and updo combo.



Marc Soobroy has some words of caution about your cut: “On average, hair will grow half an inch per month so this will be key when deciding on how you want to wear your hair. If you are having an up-do on the day, day old as opposed to freshly washed hair is best to work with. If you are wearing your hair down, leave it natural and soft, and work with the natural movement of your hair. Don’t wear it too structured or over processed with product as it will become dishevelled as the day progresses.” Jonathan Saunders’ girls have the ultimate waves with this sleek look.


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