[Cheap Decorating Ideas]

Unless you’ve mastered the art of dumpster diving, Craigslist hunting, or flea-market bargaining, decorating your home can cost a pretty penny. That custom-cut, teak coffee table? Not in our budget. That retro Eames chair? If only we won the lotto.

But just like our outfit choices, our home is another opportunity for self-expression — and, luckily, it doesn’t have to cost a chair arm and a leg. Ahead, we show you five affordable — we’re talking less than £100 — decor trends, from Marfa-inspired magic to colorful candy shells. Your home sweet home awaits.


Candy Shells — Both the decorating fearless and the color-averse alike can get behind this semi see-through hue trend. The slight opaqueness tones down the intensity of bright hues — so while more subtle, in the right accent piece like a lamp or drinkware, the effect can still bring that much-needed pop of color and personality to your digs — after all, isn’t that the point?


Gone Cagey — Okay, at first thought, metal wires can bring to mind cold concrete and warehouse vibes. But, here, industrial meets chic comfort in modern shapes and punchy colors. Just don’t overdo it — include contrasting materials, like woods and fabrics, to make your house feel like home. Plus, you don’t want to look like you live in a steel prison…unless that’s your thing.


Marfa Magic Whether or not you’ve ever been to the otherworldy West Texas town of Marfa, you can still outfit your home with the town’s unique mix of punchy modern art and Southwestern-influenced touches. While it may be difficult to construct your personal false Prada storefront in your living room, you can look for natural materials and shapes in vivid, super-saturated neon hues to channel Marfa’s vibe.


Nu Metals — Brass is having a BIG moment in interior design, but if you want to take the trend to the next level, mix your silvers, coppers, brasses, and golds all together for a look that’s luxe but not over the top. The key is to feature metals in small accents, to complement the softer materials in your larger staple pieces. We love gold…and everything else!


Teak Trimmings — Not big on the rustic look? You can still feature wood’s quality, classic look, and natural grains in the way of subtle accents. It doesn’t hurt that this trend can seamlessly blend into any home, be it an ultra-modern apartment, country cottage, or college dorm room. Bonus!



2 thoughts on “[Cheap Decorating Ideas]

  1. One who can’t afford expensive decorating articles to decorate their home. The tips above are really gonna prove quite helpful for them.

  2. I am really Impressed with the ideas those I can see on the images and they are going to cost me very less. So I would love to try these decorating ideas at my home.

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