[Wedding Tips]


DON’T “…put yourself into debt to throw a blowout wedding. Too many couples think they need to wow everyone with a fancy affair and spend money they don’t have to create this ideal ‘fairy-tale’ wedding. Don’t lose sight of the fact of what’s really important in all of the planning: Your commitment to each other and declaring that promise in front of all of your loved ones. An ice-cream sundae bar, extravagant favors, and full orchestra are not what makes a successful marriage. My husband and I got married in a state park and had a BBQ picnic for our reception, with no favors, or crazy centerpieces, or *gasp* decorative chair covers. And every single one of our guests said it was the most fun they had ever had at a wedding. No one fainted at the sight of a bare chair or stormed out yelling about the lack of tulle bags filled with monogrammed M&Ms. In the end, what it really comes down to is enjoying the moment. As long as you two are happy — not stressed out and panicking over insignificant details — your guests will be, too.”
— Megan McIntyre & Chris Feltman, married August ’12


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