[Pink Ladies]

Think sassy, think fun because who needs an excuse to play dress up.

This look is less about the delicate wallflower; instead it’s about channelling the confident self-assured woman that you are, or at least want to be sometimes. Go forth, don’t be afraid to let your outfit pack a punch without letting go of femininity at the same time.

Sexy heels, bright metallics, sequins, silks and tafettas, strategically placed bows, oversized clutches and the prettiest underwear….



Top Row Left: Image via L’Extravagance. Top Row Right: Image via Fashionising. Second Row Left: Image via Rue Mag. Second Row Right: Image via The Chic Department. Third Row Left: Image via Bourbon Pearls. Third Row Right: Image via Lovers Anonymous. Fourth Row Left: Image viaMiu Miu Lover. Fourth Row Right: Image via Freut Cake.

Accessorise with abandon – after all overstyling is key. Stack up those bangles, wear that statement watch and ‘ring up’ with your most delicious cocktail pieces.


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