[Flashy Florals]


There’s no room for shrinking violets here nor wallflowers either.


No sirree, it’s all about florals that pop. Single blooms of large proportions – think peonies, hydrangeas and roses – and florals of saturated hues so bright you need sunglasses. It’s all about making a flower fashion statement this summer.


Top Row Left: Image via L’Extravagance. Top Row Right: Image via Once Wed. Second Row Left: Image via Marcus Design Inc. Second Row Right: Image via Hitched. Third Row Left: Image via The Sweetest Occasion. Third Row Right: Image via Ryan Ray Photo.

Don’t be afraid to mix up colours and textures; bigger blooms rather than more delicate flowers should be used here and it’s ok to have clashing hues. I love combinations of hot pinks, burnt oranges and pops of turquoise and lemon. Try not to aim for a polished effect either; floral arrangements in this style look best when they’re a little wild and unruly – a bit like the morning after the night before.



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