[Little Miss Vogue]

MissVogueJune13Cover-550x745Oh how I want to be Miss Vogue! Not only is she the little sister of the ultimate fashion bible that is British Vogue but she also gets to wear custom made clothes. Out of all the cool girls on the British scene right now, Cara Delevingne is the model everyone wants to be so it was no surprise to see her crowned the Queen of teens, starring on Miss Vogue’s first ever cover.

MISS-VOGUE-LOOK-1-550x740I heard about the magazine launch a couple of months ago and every since I’ve been pretty excited to see what the girls at Vogue have put together. While I love reading British Vogue cover-to-cover, and have been a subscriber for near on 10 years, the truth is that I can only ever dream about getting my mitts on a handful of the clothes so a magazine created by the same amazing team but aimed at younger girls sounded right up my street.

Make sure you don’t miss out and get your hands on June’s edition of British Vogue which is out now and which Miss Vogue comes with! Happy reading…



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