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Last week saw ‘Bridal Fashion Week’ happening across the streets of NYC. Obviously being a bride-to-be I tuned in.

Grazia have summed up brilliantly the do’s and don’ts of bridal wear.

Dum, dum, di, dum. This week in New York it’s been all about bridal fashion as the key designers showcase their looks for Spring/Summer 2014 on the catwalk. If – like me – you’re looking for a wedding dress, take note of some of the more surprising trends on offer. Could you ditch the white for example and go for a candy blue a la Oscar de la Renta or a champagne number from Monique Lhuillier. And if you’re not engaged/in a relationship/divorced (delete as applicable), just view this as dress porn. And ask yourself this – could you really wear black leather sleeves if and when you ever walked down the aisle? Because Vera Wang wants you to…

Here’s what we discovered from analysising the dresses from Bridal Fashion Week…

1. Kate Middleton Style Lace Sleeves Are Sticking Around

bridal-fashion-week-2014-k-middCredit to Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Because since that showstopper of a wedding dress for the Duchess of Cambridge lace sleeves seem to have become the most-wanted on wedding dresses. Oscar de la Renta (left) and Carolina Herrera (right) kept the sillhoutte traditional with a nipped in waist, deep V neck and lace sleeves and Marchesa (centre) also opted for that beautiful demure vibe with lace sleeves made with the most delicate champagne-coloured lace. Beautiful.

2. Short Dresses Can Be Showstoppers Too

bridal-fashion-week-2014-short-dressesShort dresses haven’t traditionally been the easiest to track down unless you’re willing to go vintage or are really into the 1950’s style. But that might be about to change given how many were on the catwalk this week. Monique Lhuillier (left) did lace shifts that looked super chic, Caroline Herrera (centre) stuck to her classic shape and Marchesa (right) went oh-so pretty with her asymetric number. Legs a go-go!

3. It’s all about pastel hues

bridal-wedding-week-2013-oscar-colourWho said wedding dresses had to be white? Not Oscar de la Renta. The NY king of wedding dresses opened and closed his show with girlie candy blue and pink gowns – embellished with exquisite intricate floral detail.

5. Champagne Rules. (And Not Just As A Drink!)

bridal-fashion-week-2014-ombre-champagneMonique Lhuillier’s champagne gowns might not be the easiest to pull off skin-tone wise but wow, how gorgeous are they?! We’re even strangely sold on the ombre detail, too.

6. Jackets Are The New Shrug

bridal-fashion-week-jacketsAgain this is a Monique Lhuillier thing – replacing those faux-fur stoles you see everywhere were some chic jackets that would work especially well for an urban wedding we feel. (PS: we like the bouquets too).

7. Are you ready for monochrome?

bridal-fashion-week-2013-monochromeYou might not think you are but Vera Wang will make you realise that black and white – that fashion classic colour combo – can work for a wedding, too. It was all about using black as the accent colour in gloves, lace and to break up the skirts and bodices for these fashion forward brides.



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