[Wedding Stationary]

I’m getting married the day before Good Friday 2014. That means next Easter I’m going to be a married woman. GULP.

With April 17th just around the corner, I’m more than aware that I need to start getting wedding stuff sorted. For me, stationery is a big deal. I asked the fiance about stationary to which he said “Babe, I don’t care. It’s a bit of paper/card.”

I read that as – I get to do whatever I like with stationary! YAY.

I like stationary. I’m a stationary girl. If you’ve ever received a birthday card from me, you would get it, I like a good card, ideally with some kind of hand-drawn illustration on it. I’ve been pinning away on Pinterest for ages now, trying to work out what kind of wedding stationary I’m after. The only difficulty I’m having is that I like SO many different kinds, I’m struggling to decide which is the final inspiration.

Anyway, while I’m being indecisive, here are some of the kind of things I’m really loving at the moment.


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