[The Return of the Scrunchie]

Remember when Carrie and Berger almost broke up over a scrunchie reference in his novel during an episode of Sex and the City? Oh yes… we are going there.

Carrie: You have your leading lady running all over town wearing a scrunchie! A scrunchie.
Berger: The hair thing? What’s wrong with that?
Carrie: Nothing. Unless you’re writing about women on the island of Manhattan, in which case uh.. where do I begin?
Berger: What are you talking about? A lot of New York women wear scrunchies.
Carrie: In the bathroom maybe, when they’re washing their faces.
Berger: I see women every single day, all over New York City wearing scrunchies.
Carrie: Okay but here’s the thing. Here’s my crucial point. No women who works at W-magazine and lives on Perry Street would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!

Let’s start this post by stating, quite clearly, that this is a no-judgment zone. I not only wore my weight in scrunchies, I had an entire drawer devoted to their safekeeping. But, I should mentioned here, I was no older than 15.

And now that the 80s have come back full force (Want proof? Acid wash jeans. Puffy sleeves. Shoulder pads. Neon. I rest my case), the next logical step is the return of the good old fashioned scrunchie. There have been numerous attempts to make scrunchies cool again: American Apparel have had a fair, if generally unsuccessful, bash at reinventing the disgraced hair rag.


Then there was Marc Jacobs’s valiant attempt a few years ago, which unfortunately included a somewhat misguided scrunchie themed shoe and, more recently, some logo hair furniture for his diffusion line.
I wore scrunchies when I was at school, of course I did. They were just another accessory I could match with. But soon after turning 15, the scrunchie faze was over – Carrie Bradshaw and co said NO.  My infatuation died right there along with everyone else’s.
My new parter in crime at work showed me some photos of her rocking a scrunchie for her buddies shop, then the very same night I saw a super-cool girl in the pub wearing one with a check shirt and Doc Martins. I did think I had maybe missed the memo that went out informing the world that scrunchies were cool again. Or maybe it was a huge joke that I didn’t get? Alas, no.
In designer world, Mr Marc Jacobs tried to make them cool in 2010 and failed, only to then be overshadowed by Vivienne Westwood who sent them down the catwalk for SS13!


As much as I want this trend to go away I can’t help noticing the likes of TopShop and Urban Outfitters now selling these hair accessories, along with celebs like Kate Beckinsale, Sienna Miller and the Olsen sisters sporting them. Then came the models: Cara Delevigne, Clara Paget and Suki Waterhouse, all featured in accessory brand My Crazy Scrunchie (MCS) latest campaign.

You knew this day was coming, we all did.  Especially after the recent nineties resurgence (I mean if flatforms and jellies can make a reappearance, then frankly anything can).

So the question is, are you ready for the scrunchie to come back into your life, like a once spurned lover?


One thought on “[The Return of the Scrunchie]

  1. I find it hilarious people are paying Topshop and Urban Outfitters prices for a scrunchie. It never went anywhere since the 80’s. Markets sell them 10 for a pound!

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