[It’s A Scarf Life]

Lets discuss something here. The weather. How is one meant to dress with this ‘is it Spring or is it Winter’ weather at the moment? It’s too early for Spring blooms and floaty fabrics, but too late for the chunky knitwear. What a blooming palaver!

My current transitional piece that I’m living in is a scarf, it’s perfect for this awkward weather. Wrap it lots, wear it high or wear it loose. Personally I never really leave the house without a scarf at the moment, I tend to need one every day for one reason or another. So if you’re not sure what scarves to go for, or how to wear it, I’ve totally solved that for you.



7b2c2638e91d3bc77cf803ae2ec772e3 2ac2bbd5aded2dd94b167ba3eac6dde3 977a9f968da7bb2da68860b4e62cb74e adb44c062adf401e6607da9514b7fd75 d04affe997908e5d100291e6bfb08231 de5ac9434ce3be520dc147336ef628fb f1c15cc1f7adf098d24bad49803ff61a 71691faab1acd209a261d28b2daea78a de72c0f3e1827cfe541cee2f4aeabf5d 49c39c8e2cf4e5698b9725aceecade38


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