[Game Changer]

So far 2013 is turning out pretty good.

1 bridesmaid got a promotion. 1 Maid of Honour is moving back to this country and has a new job 20 minutes away from me. 1 bridesmaid is getting married in August. 1 bridesmaid just got herself a house, a proper grown up house. Mortgage and all!

So with all my best friends growing up rapidly quickly I thought….well it’s about time I did to!

If you follow me on twitter (if you’re not you should bloody be) you may be aware on Friday I started tweeting a lot about how great my day was. If your friends with me on Facebook, you might have seen John’s status. Yup. Girl got a job. A proper career job. Yes it’s still fluffy fashion – but it’s based locally, in the sticks.

You might know that I used to be a fashion PR guru at Push PR. Then I freelanced for a lot of people. Then I decided that I wanted a proper job again, but the thing is, I never want to move back towards London. In fact if I could avoid commuting to London that would be a bonus. The problem with my ideal job, is that is very hard to get a job in the fashion industry outside of the big smoke.

Until Friday.

Friday I got offered a proper fashion job, 30 minutes from my doorstep, in the middle of nowhere. I still can’t quite believe it. I’m so totally thrilled and can’t wait to tell you all where – stay tuned for March the 4th!



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