[Design my App]

Today see’s a new app launch for the iPad. This isn’t any old app… it’s the fist ever portable luxury shoe designer app. The ability to design a totally unique pair of luxury shoes, on your iPad, anytime you like – dream come true? UpperStreet.com today see their first ever app launch for the iPad and to celebrate they are offering 50% off for today only! Now this is rare guys, Upper Street NEVER normally do discounts like this. If ever you have enjoyed having a play on the site, but haven’t followed through to the check out – now is your chance.

Within the free app, every aspect of the shoe is designed by the customer – from the style and heel height, to the toe design and strap options. Users can select from an inspiring array of materials, colours and textures and even embellish their creations with studs or Swarovski jewel clusters. The studio’s 360-degree 3D Shoe Designer allows customers to see a true-to-life view of their shoe design, which will then be lovingly handcrafted and delivered directly to their door within just six weeks.

I’ve already been in touch with Upper Street to sort out my bridal shoes. Now I’m going to spend the rest of my day playing with the new app.


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