[Savannah Goes Solo]

Now who doesn’t think the Miller sisters are some of the most naturally and effortlessly styling siblings that are around today? Think the Olsens, but from the UK. These two ooze style credentials gained by their joint successful clothing line Twenty8Twelve which has since stopped (Sienna got preggo).
So what does this mean for Savannah, the ‘other’ Miller sister? Being the less famous of the duo it was always going to be a struggle for Savannah to step out of her sisters spotlight but she is out to grab her sisters oh-so-fashionable crown. Savannah has launched her own solo clothing line with Nelly.com and managed to bag model-de-jour Dree Hemmingway for the campaign. With purse friendly price-tags……

The collection launches on my birthday (October 25) and features 40 pieces of the Miller sisters’ signature rock’n’roll bohemia – fringed waistcoats, studded jeans, slouchy knits – all for under £175.99. Yes please!

Speaking about her famous sibling, Savannah said, “Ironically, we worked a lot more together on this one than we have for a while because we were living together, and when I started designing I didn’t have a studio so did most of it from her roof. I really value her advice and perspective because I think her style is amazing and she has a very unique point of view”.

I can’t blooming wait for this collection to launch…. birthday list has just increased.


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