[Love Letters]

As this blog pops up, I’ll be sitting in a church watching my beautiful friend walk down the aisle, and I’ll probably be crying.

It’s wedding time again and as an official bride-to-be I get SO excited over every little detail. What flowers will she have, what will the bridesmaids be wearing, what will SHE be wearing…

I remember back in June when I was lucky enough to be asked ‘the big question’. After all the excitement and the designing of the ring, I got approached by my lovely ex PR company Push PR, saying that one of their new clients would love to gift me a personalised piece of jewellery to remember our engagement by. What a lovely idea.

The front is a simple Love Letter, as all great love stories start. This necklace, is priceless to me. It makes me smile and cry. Hopefully in years to come when I see it, it will evoke a thousand happy memories. On the other side is our engagement date, with the words ‘Now & Forever’, pretty fitting no?

I love its uniqueness – it was made for me. Only I have this. There was no production chain, it wasn’t picked off a shelf. It really is something that means so much to me, a beautifully crafted pendant that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Melinda Mulcahy makes every item herself, taking time to get the finer details just perfect. I chose the gold rose and small pearl charms, but you can choose from a list of stunning gemstones too.

If you are looking for a totally unique and personal gift for someone special, look no further. I couldn’t be happier.


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