[Oh My Marilyn]

Last week I was very lucky to receive a little gift from the lovely ladies at Cube PR – some super lovely Goliath plimsols! If you follow me on twitter (@hannahsnote) you may have seen me rabbit on about how cute this brand is, how the styles are totally unique and how refreshing it is to have a brand that likes ‘Attention to Detail’. In fact, that is the whole brands mantra, they endeavour to discover realms outside of the label-spotting culture that we live in. No. They aren’t Vans, now get over it. I blogged about them way back in March, after first discovering them while nosing around the Cube showroom, and still love each and every piece of footwear coming in.

So of course when I was offered a pair, I said yes. I mean, who wouldn’t? They have sat in box (along with some coffee beans, watering can and USB stick – THANK GUYS) waiting for the sun to come out. These aren’t really for rain-wear, it just wouldn’t work. Yesterday the sun put his hat on, a slipped my plimsols on, and we went for a trial walk in the park.

I can quite happily say these are brilliant shoes! I got the Marilyn ones, that not only have a cool name, they are really comfy too. The beige colour is perfect for this season, it goes really well with my khaki Jigsaw combats that I’m currently living in and the little ‘espadrille’ detailing across the base of the shoe adds to the whole summer vibe. They are 100% being packed up for my holiday in France.

One very happy blogger indeed.

Huge thank you to Goliath and Cube PR 😉



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