[The Ring]

The time has come for me to do the ‘Single Ladies’ dance and thrust my left hand at anyone and everyone. MY RING IS READY!

I should explain to you this whole ‘ring’ situation. When JD (my boyfriend/fiance) asked my dads permission, he was presented with some very very very very old jewellery that my Grandmother had left. There were rings, earrings, pearls and two very beautiful clasps. One of the old clasps had originally been set as a ring, so that was the first one we looked at.

While I was blissfully unaware, enjoying my mini break in Wales, my mum had been running up and down our local highstreet with a little bag of jewels. She popped into Mappin & Webb and came back with some good news and bad news.

Bad news: the cloudy sapphire, surrounded by diamonds was very very delicate and raised too high. Although it would be a real statement ring, the jeweller said it would catch and scuff and basically would ruin.

Good News: With the other clasp (three diamonds and two very dark sapphires) we could create our own, bespoke ring, however we wanted.

This kind of thing appeals to me. I like being able to have a real say in something that I’m going to wear for the rest of my life. It would be exactly what I want, down to all the details. We also found out the diamonds were mine cut, meaning they had been made by hand, hundreds of years ago. When the fiance and I popped back into Mappin & Webb to discuss options, we were greeted by a bit of a know-it-all. Ok, so my fiance and I don’t exactly dress like grown ups, I was wearing jeans and t-shirt, JD in a pair of shorts and hoodie… but it doesn’t mean we are children. After leaving Mappin & Webb I felt like the guy was trying to stitch us up, that we were just another sale and the whole thing was very impersonal….for something that is meant to be SO personal.

So that’s where my old PR contacts came into the plan. While working at Push PR, I worked with award-winning jewellery boutique econe. I know the owner (a brilliant jeweller in his own right) and he knows me. I dropped him an email explaining what had happened at Mappin & Webb and he called me straight back. Mappin & Webb was not an option.

The next available day my dad and I travelled up to econe to see the owner, Jos. I should mention here that my Dad wanted to come with me. It is his family heirloom and he wanted to have a Father/Daughter moment. I thought it was quite cute, having something that my dad could really get involved in.

Jos sat down with my dad and I, going through options, styles, metals, details. Every single thing. Jos practised his St.Martins educated drawing skills and I really felt like we were getting somewhere. I tried on a number of rings, with Jos asking what bits I liked and didn’t like, so he could really create the perfect ring for me. Up came one of the amazing goldsmiths, Kate, who went over the finer details with us. The team at econe really got what I wanted. A ring that was new, but not too germanic in it’s setting, with a vintage feel. Incredible.

We handed over the jewels and that was it.

By the end of the week I heard from Kate. She sent me through a CAD drawing of what the ring will look like. She sent through two options, with 360 views of each. We went through all the last details over the phone – Did I want a gallery? Which shape did I prefer?

Then that was it, show time. The team at econe quoted me a brilliant price (half of what Mappin & Webb had quoted, and they set out making it.

I gave them a deadline of 3 weeks (Mappin & Webb had said 6 weeks) and of course, right on time, the ring was ready…even a few days early!

JD and I popped up yesterday to collect and needless to say it took my breath away. The style was perfect and Kate had amazingly created a milgrain effect around each of the stones giving it a real vintage feel. The perfect combination of new and old. My heart was in my throat all day. I’ve never smiled so much.

None of this would have been possible at other jewellers. I travelled for about two hours JUST to make sure it was done by econe and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Their service was second to none, their skills… astounding. It was everything I had hoped and so much more.

I would like to say a huge thank you to my mum and dad (who read my blog) for giving JD the options. A big ol’ kiss to JD for helping me design it all and giving me the incredible option of being able to design it.

Then the biggest thank you to the team at econe for making this occasion even more special. Jos and Kate in particular were both an absolute pleasure.


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