[Now & Forever]

I’ve got to say, I didn’t think I would be writing a blog like this for a while… but on my weekend away in Wales celebrating my parters birthday, he asked to marry me!!! Of course I said YES!

What a whirlwind few days it’s been, with phone calls, announcements, a lot of champagne and a lot of (happy) tears. It’s a feeling unlike any other I’ve experienced. So incredibly surreal, I keep just catching my fiance in the eye and thinking “Oh My God this is actually happening”. I just can’t stop smiling.

Next week I’m heading up to EcOne on Exmouth Market to get my ring designed. I’ve been really lucky as my parents gave John a family heirloom that we could re-work into the engagement ring. I think when it’s made it will look a little bit like the one above. At the moment I’ve got my Haribo ring, the one he actually proposed with still in the packet, taunting me. If anyone knows how to keep a Haribo ring, please let me know some ideas. I really want to frame it somehow.

The support from our friends and family has just been brilliant, I’m honestly floating on cloud nine. I can’t wait to start doing some ‘wedding blogs’ and keep you all in the loop about my big day!

For now, I’m going to crack on with my wedding scrap-book (oh yes I have one of those)….


7 thoughts on “[Now & Forever]

  1. Did you find a way to keep your haribo ring? My partner proposed with a haribo ring as well and I really want to get it framed and keep it somehow!

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