[Queen of Denim]

This blog has been a long time coming….

I would like to introduce you to Donna Ida, the ultimate denim store. Donna Ida popped up in my local town a fair while ago and I managed to resist popping in for so-so long. This was mainly because I knew my credit card would not appreciate the visit.

On a busy Sunday afternoon I gave in, I wanted to give Donna Ida one chance to show me what they were made of. I went in with 15 minutes to spare and a VERY specific list of criteria I needed from my jeans.

  • Black or Blue
  • Slightly high waisted
  • Skinny fit
  • Wide enough for my thighs but skinny enough for my waist
  • Around £150

I don’t ask for much, hey?

I explained what I was after to the Sales Assistant (who was wearing a moustache ring, and we all know I love a moustache) and she picked up one pair of jeans, in the size she thought I was. I should add here that no one can EVER guess my size right, I’m hippy but tiny on top with big boobs, so basically a total nightmare to dress.

Anyway back to the case in point, I was handed a random pair of jeans and told quite simply to squeeze into them. I really wanted to find something wrong with them, but when I looked in the mirror, they were perfect. Higher rise but well placed pockets, stretch, black denim jeans. They honestly made me look a whole size smaller and about 2 inches taller, can’t go wrong with that really. Every time I wear these jeans someone comments on how great my bum looks, or how trim I am. It’s all an illusion people, it’s the worlds greatest jeans.

So all I can do is urge anyone who’s after a pair of jeans to go into Donna Ida and see what you come out with, they sure do know their stuff.

I left with these jeans, £155 by Nobody @ Donna Ida


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