[Strange Ambition]

I bloody love the Topshop blog, not only because it’s written by my mate, but also because it’s one of the most inspirational blogs out there. I don’t even know where these ideas come from in Topshop HQ, but they are amazing. So here is a blog that I’ve totally ripped off from them. Sorry George 🙂

Meet Bonnie Strange – who is a model, photographer and very ‘strange’ lady. I can’t even imagine what she would be like in ‘real life’. This chick oozes style. She wears the weirdest things with cray-cray coloured hair but some how (and no-one knows how) makes it work. Her own blog, appropriately titled Strange Ambition, documents her life and adventures with the china tiger Peter by her side. (Really! He talks via speech bubbles too).

I think everyone needs a Bonnie Strange in their life.


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