[Bank Fashion]

Today I’m going to write about a website that you may already have heard of, Bank. I’ve got to say Bank isn’t new to me, but I’ve never really given it the time and dedication that it really needs. Bank is basically a website similar to Asos.com in the fact that there are multiple brands on the site, ranging from Adidas and Glamorous to House of Dereon and A LOT more.

The thing is, I get over-whelmed by websites I’m not familiar with, and usually that means I don’t give them a chance. I can now hold my hands up and say a big “Ooops”, Bank is actually a really nice site.

I’m a huge fan of pastels at the moment and Bank had a brilliant array of pieces that I would definitely wear and for really good prices too. Check out these two beauties. Block colour. Check. Collar. Check. Good colour. Check.



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