[Broken Silence]


Sorry for the silence on the blog, I’ve been one busy bee.

On Thursday night after work I jumped on a plane from Gatwick, headed for Northern Ireland with my buddy Kyley. You might have read before, or even know this because you know me, that one of my best friends in the whole wide world lives in a little town called Larne, in Northern Ireland. I therefore travel there a fair bit to say howdy.

This weekend was just that. My gaggle of girls from uni days all turned up in Ireland and we played silly buggers the whole weekend. It was amazing. Amaze-balls some might say. And needless to say my dancing skills were second to none.

(Me in my ghetto racing gear for go-karting)

Since getting home really late on Sunday night I’ve been knocked out for six. Work Monday, then Tuesday I ended up having an impromptu day in London, resulting in a cheeky bit of freelance. Winner. Then it’s been a little bit mental since then. This is actually the only time I’ve sat down since…well a week ago really.

Either way, I’m back (as much as possible) and can’t wait to blog all the great ideas I’ve had.

Stay tuned.

Peace Out



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