[Emu AW12 Show – NYC]

A couple of weeks ago you may have seen a blog on my current brand du jour, Emu, harping on about how I’m super into their clothes at the moment. Just before London Fashion Week took over my life I got an email from the lovely PR team behind Emu, who sent through some images from the Emu show in New York. To be honest… it did not disappoint.

The look for AW is quite Nordic. I touched on this in my little trends blog the other day, alot of fur gillets and trims going on, which suit very nicely with Emu’s all Australian look. I’m now a little fixated on the leather and sheepskin jacket from this look, also the lace up lined bootie – ¬†amazing!

The makeup, as you would expect was very earthy. Wavy natural(ish) hair, with brown eyes and pinched lips, very cute and perfect for the show.

The AW12 collection will be available in stores and online from July the 1st… I know that jacket is already on my wish list.


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