[My tips for London Fashion Week]

This season I’m back representing Push PR for London Fashion Week. This means that it’s day two for me, I’m probably tired and hungry, running around London with a big camera and a phone with no battery. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m doing all the social bits and bobs for them. Below is my blog from yesterday – you likey?

“Here at Push PR we like to keep our fingers on the pulse so it should be no surprise to you that our team will be reporting all the London Fashion Week happenings live from Somerset House. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get a piece of the action as we head to the best shows and snap the hottest styles.

We put our heads together this week to give you some insider tips to help you along your way this week.

First up is how to spot the fashion elite…

The higher the heel, the more powerful the foot.

The uber-heel says: ‘I have not had to run for a bus, stand in a queue or walk in the rain to reach this show.’
Über-heels are worn by the super stylists, fashion editors, and style bloggers. They know how to command the cobbles without a wobble and you can guarantee their shoes were free.

Nonchalant they may appear, but fashionistas are acutely aware of the need to be photographed, particularly for prolific street style bloggers such as the Sartorialist, who snap the best outfits coming out of the shows and into the black cars…

Then there’s the model off duty look – black leather jacket, elegantly distressed Alexander Wang T-shirt and very tight ripped jeans.
You’ll know they’re important if they’re in a rush – only new girls have time to loiter at limitless castings. The top names have private fittings and wear the hottest bags and shoes – samples left over from shooting next season’s big-label campaigns.

Now it’s over to you… (via Show Me Your Wardrobe)
Hoik up your usual look about ten notches. As a general rule ask yourself three questions:
1) Would you get stopped by The Sartorialist?
2) If you got stuck in a lift with Emmanuelle Alt would she be impressed?
3) Would you go to Sainsbury’s in your look (if the answer is yes change immediately, unless you do your Sainsburys shop in Balenciaga and vertiginous heels, in which case I salute you and proceed).”


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