[Little bit of DownUnder]

You may have noticed we had a little snow this week in and around the rolling Surrey Hills. I love the idea of snow… but in reality I have the least practical person in the world. The warmest jacket I own is a duffel coat (from TopShop) and the only snow-appropriate footwear I have are my Uggs.

Sounds ideal right? Anyone who owns Ugg boots would know that they do not live up to the hype. Yes they are comfy and warm…. but they stain as soon as they even see moisture, they stink and they have zero grip. So when trudging through the snow, you soon realise your sliding all over the place, your feet are damp and they will be ruined within minutes. Pointless, yes.

This everlasting conundrum brought me to check out Emu Australia. They pride themselves on the fact they have grip and are actually water-resistant!!! This is a case of two very similar brands aiming for the same market, one realises the weakness of their competitor and goes for it, coming out with the goods.

Emu is actually a lot ‘cooler’ than it gets credit for. For AW11 you could not only shop for the standard sheepskin lined boot, but also an array of really decent apparel. I was a huge fan of the Kingscliff Vest, a black double-faced sheepskin sleeveless zip jacket.

For Spring Summer 2012 Emu are going for a very wholesome all Australian look. The materials, as always are premium, we’re talking Australian sheepskin, light merino wool and soft leathers. Sounds like a good combination right? I’m a HUGE fan of these soft leather sandals.

This is the kind of thing I would never expect Emu to do, but they do it…perfectly! The colours are very natural, giving the collection a very earthy and feimine vibe.

And to add to the ‘cool’ points, Emu are showing (for the first time) at New York Fashion Week. The show is going to be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion on the 15th of Feb, 11:30am. I would blooming love to be there to see first hand whats going on, judging by these behind the scenes pics, it’s going to be cracking!


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