[Dating a PR]

So you fancy dating a PR girl? Well here is a little guide for you that might give you a little insight into the type of people we are, and what we are like to date.

I would love to say this honest and witty write up was thought up by me, but it wasn’t. Found it here, word for word.


With more than a nod to Tom Chamber’s post currently whizzing its way round social media channels, Flagship in (some might say typical) PR fashion has penned its own alternative guide to dating – well – us.

Ever considered the rigmarole of embarking upon a relationship with a PR? In one already? Just how great are PRs to go out with?

Our relationships are our top priority…

Since our job involves satisfying the needs of multiple people, we’re good at relationships. We’re good at mediating, moderating and making things happen. ‘Fantastic’, you’re thinking, ‘this all sounds lovely’. Oh, wait, did you think we meant our “relationship” with you? Oh goodness me NO!!  We have vast networks of contacts, we have more ‘relationships’ than Richard Branson has islands. Actually that’s a rubbish comparison, research shows he only has one. The fact is, we are people people, inherently social, and we will undoubtedly know at least three times more people than you in the bar  at the weekend.

We’re very positive…

Come to us with a problem and we will always give you a solution. We like turning situations around. In fact we like turning situations around quite a lot, sometimes so much so that you might forget how things actually were in the first place.  I believe some people call this spin – but not us. We prefer to think of ourselves as incredible storytellers – there will never be an awkward silence over dinner when we’re around – ever. We’re also rather good at winning arguments. If at first there appears to be no rational explanation as to why there is now a hole in your favourite jumper, we will have you utterly convinced that there exists a new breed of jumper-eating wardrobe fly that must have somehow recently got in to your room. So convinced will you be by our story that you won’t realise that we have just invented a new species of moth, or that it was us that caused the hole in the first place…

We are fountains of knowledge…

We know an awful little about an awful lot – THAT is our job!  We might be far too intellectual and cultured to watch shows like TOWIE or Celebrity Big Brother, but in the name of modern consumer culture we are happy to put our principles aside. It is, in fact, research, not entertainment. This does mean that we are incredibly useful for all consumer/celebrity knowledge-based questions in a pub quiz; purely for work purposes may we add.

We know what’s hot and what’s not…

Linked to the above, we are very much on the ball in terms of what’s hot or not. We work six months in advance, so we live that way. Early adopters, some might say. When you think something’s cool, chances are we’ve been there and done that – most likely at an industry event. Industry events require for us to exist on a diet of champagne and the odd canapé, normally handed out at the latest ‘unbookable’ restaurant – we can be a little tricky to wow at dinner…

We’re incredibly efficient…

Returning to the “everybody” of my first point, we have a lot of people to stay in touch with, so we are therefore rather good at organisation. However, this makes for an incredibly packed schedule, so you could find yourself being allocated a time in the ever-present Blackberry calendar, possibly as a weekend or evening activity. You could also find dinner interrupted by the red flash of the Blackberry, alerting us to an essential social media checking appointment. Please just allow us to ensure each of our social networks is up to speed, it won’t take a minute. The world could end if you prevent us from doing this.

And with that, you are fully briefed on what to expect from your other-half, the good, the bad, and the sometimes baffling traits of us PR people. Treat us well and you’ll become like a favourite client: we’ll want to spend all our time with you…


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