[Bad Blogger]

Okay, I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a bit crap and relying a little bit too much on my ‘Moustache of the Day’ posts, but my life is HECTIC at the moment.

In a nut shell I move house in two days, I haven’t packed, I haven’t even thought about packing yet. My only scheduled time to pack, is the evening before I move….oh…and my flats unfurnished! I’m working every day, then every evening on my freelancing (currently for three brands!). It is a busy time, and annoying that from Saturday I will no longer have internet! My new cables don’t turn up until mid December, which puts a bit of a halt on the freelance work and my blog! My only silver lining is that I will be living very close to a Starbucks and the boyfriend says I can use the laptop all the time (phew!). But the freelance work is going to take a bit of a priority. So life will go on, but I’m afraid there probably won’t be any amazing blog posts for a little while.

HOWEVER, on a good note – I do have TONS I want to blog about, I have a list in fact.

  • The fabulous new Tusting Lookbook that arrived at my casa
  • Love Mae
  • 18 and East
  • Charlotte Taylor Prints
  • Totes Totes
  • Weston Scarves
  • Party Pants
  • Gift Guide
  • Flat before and after
  • Month in pictures

I know…I like to multi-task. All I’m asking is that you stay with me, even if it’s just to look at the pretty pictures that I will no doubt be uploading.

Speak soon x


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