[Must-Have iPad Sleeves]

Now I’m not one of those lucky enough to own an iPad, but recently one found its way into our home and I couldn’t resist a little play. Those that follow me on twitter would know I came very close to parting with some serious funds to get a beloved beautiful iPad, but could not bring myself to do it. “That’s over half a Mulberry price” I kept telling myself.

But since my dear Mother got given one for her birthday, I have to admit I’ve borrowed it a few times. Firstly, my blog looks LOVELY on it, and secondly, I look lovely clutching it! Yes I’m shallow like that, but I want the pretty accessories that you simply NEED when you own an iPad. Every brand out there seems to be selling their own wonderful version of a protective (read: stylish) sleeve, so I felt the need to hunt down some of the best for you. It seems bright is the way to go, simply shouting that, you, unlike me, HAVE AN IPAD.

1. Honeydon Orange Leather Islip – Tusting – £99.00

2. Michael Kors Envelope Case – Net-A-Porter – £105.00

3. Blue Suede iPad Envelope – Harrods – £125.00

4. Louise Gray for the V&A – V&A Shop – £95.00

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Peony iPad Quilt – My Wardrobe – £55.00

6. Emerald Croc Print Leather Folding Case – Smythson – £325.00


One thought on “[Must-Have iPad Sleeves]

  1. what beautiful ipad 2 cases,i like the 1,i think it is Full of love! yes ,i, unlike you, HAVE AN IPAD.but i have two

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