[It’s a Bonas]

Here we go again, another interiors post! I’m on a bit of a roll at the moment with this decorating malarkey, a lot of ideas whizzing through my head and my blog is the place they all end up.
A few weeks ago I got a lovely email from the team at Oliver Bonas sending me through their Christmas gift ideas, one of which I liked so much I thought it deserved an entire blog post all to itself. I’ve been wanting to blog this for weeks, but being a good blogger, I had to wait until it launched online. That time is now – check it out here!

A bit of an easier alternative to sourcing pretty frames is this super shabby ready-made wall montage. Each frame has a distressed paint finish and individual shape, but yet they fit together like it was always meant to be. I think it’s well worth the £69 price tag, simply because of the ‘cost per frame’ ratio and the sheer size of it (74cm x 58cm if you’re asking).

The frames are big enough to make a statement in a simple room. I think they would be perfect in my new lounge, hanging on the simple white walls, between the towering beams. Just need to persuade the boyfriend to let me buy aesthetically pleasing things, which at the moment is a big ‘no no’.


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