[Fabulous Evening]

What a week it’s been!
Monday night saw me celebrate my leaving do (forgot to mention that) with amazing food washed down with a few cocktails with the Push PR gang. Tuesday was a recovery night spent with the boyfriend, then came Wednesday…yes….Wednesday.

Wow – I don’t think I’ve fully recovered from it yet. Team Push PR partied hard at the Fabulous magazine fashion awards, making full use of the free cocktails, then carried on the party at Mahiki. Functioning on about 4 hours sleep was no the best of ideas, sore heads all around come Thursday.

Back to the elephant in the room…yes… I have left Push PR. Not totally mind, I’m doing a spot of freelancing for them still, but I am no longer @pushprhannah.
I’ve had alot of “OMG you’ve left the glossy world of fashion PR? Why? Where too?”, but I haven’t got much to say really. I haven’t left, I’ve taken a little break. I’m planning to move in with the boy, which is further away, and I can’t afford to do that and still work in London. I don’t want to commute anymore, I want to have time to have a life – thats my reason. I choose life.

But what a send off!






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