[Hello Africa]

Wow – coming back to England has been a bit of a harsh reality. Gone are the sunny 8am starts, where by 10 (aka tan o’clock) I’m lying on my back in nothing but a bikini and raybans. This morning was dark, cold and grumpy – bit different.

So my reasons for being stone cold silent on the twitter/Facebook/blog front? Well I’ve been on holiday, in Tunisia!

Me and the boyfriend went for a well-priced all-inclusive holiday, something totally new for us. We are normally secluded apartment type people, but fancied a change. Being a bit of a holiday snob, I was worried about how clean everything would be, if the food would be tasty, if the people would be…well nice. But to be honest it was all amazing! We ate like kings, made some holiday friends, and enjoyed the odd excursion.

My excitement of seeing a camel passed pretty quickly when I saw how skinny and ratty they were in real life. No thank you, I won’t be climbing aboard!

I don’t really no what else to say about the holiday, it was fun, relaxing and cheap – what more could you ask for really?

Here are a handful of holiday snaps for you, including me as a sand anchor/mermaid.


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