[Trip to Tusting]

One of the perks of being a fashion PR is helping out at lookbook shoots. Coming from a styling background, I feel totally at ease on a shoot. I love the creative atmosphere, the smell of a steamer and the sandwiches.

When I was asked to help out with the Tusting lookbook, I have to say I was pretty excited. With Tusting being a super cool British heritage brand, and the shoot being on location in Buckinghamshire, I knew it was going to be good.

I spent an afternoon with the team, boshing out ideas then casting the models (both men and women). I have to say staring at beautiful people for a few hours is always a nice end to the day, not the worst job in the world. With the casting being mid-fashion week is was funny hearing what all the models had been getting up to at the infamous model sanctuary – one male model accidentally showing us pictures of what he got up to…with his girlfriend….in a photo-booth!

Models chosen, it was onto shooting for two days. The stylist Charlie had the perfect outfits already chosen (possibly the most organised stylist I’ve ever met) and they were spot on for Tusting’s heritage look. The locations were easy to work with, the first day set in the workshop, then second day spent at the Tusting farm (a-mazing). We had three models, all of which who were a pleasure to work with! (Makes a nice change).

I have to of course mention the über talented photographer, Rob. He was so professional and worked really well with not only Charlie and I, but also with the Tusting family. It’s not often you get a photographer who is so down-to-earth and easy-going, but Rob was. And he was pretty good at taking pictures, which was helpful!

I took some snaps on the day, but I’ll definitely blog the official photos when I get the all-clear.


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