[Mood Board]

I like mood boards, a bit of a geek like that. I like a good cut and stick. Tonight I presented my ‘Spring Summer 2012’ moodboard to a group full of women staring at me, that includes clients, interns, boss and work colleagues. To say I was shitting myself was a total understatement. A dyslexic girl being told the day before that I had to speak to around 20 women in a room about my moodboard was to be honest – HELL. I get nervous, I stutter, I get confused with whatever I’m trying to say. GOD! I’m glad it’s over. As you would have guessed it didn’t end up as bad as I had thought – we managed to have a bit of a laugh. I thought we did good – go team Push!

I tweeted a lot during my moodboard making, showing some moustaches and mini models but here are some more pictures. My trend theme was ‘British Summertime’. Why was Burberry and Miu Miu so Autumn Winter? Where there stripes? What colours? Style Icons?

I basically attached tons of home-made postcards to a big yellow board, each postcard showcasing a different aspect of the trend. I had thin knits, jackets, preppy style, florals (of course), deck chair bold stripes, k-middy style and ice cream colours all shown. You get the general idea from the pictures….

Also you can check out my friend Tone’s blog, she helped me at the weekend cut and stick stuff!

I like moustaches.


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