[Indian Summer]

It’s been hot this week hasn’t it?! And there we were thinking that it was just about to turn into to Autumn… WRONG. It’s set to be hot hot hot this weekend too, I’m planning on getting my tan on. I’m meant to be going on holiday a week today, but I’m yet to book it. Who knows where I’m going! At the moment the boyfriend and I are looking for a bit of sun (away from the UK) so places like Egypt, Tunisia, Malta, Morocco – that kind of vibe going on. For the first time ever I’m looking for an all-inclusive, lie on a beach or by a pool holiday. Hassle free, time to relax.

I’ve got alot going on at the moment, it’s all a bit mental but things are changing at quite a pace, so a break will be just what the Doctor ordered.

Back to the important things in life: fashion. What do you wear when Autumn turns to Summer? If you’re anything like me, you will be struggling daily to work out how to turn your winter wardrobe into a summer.

I’m missing my boyfriend jeans. Sad Face. Purchased from Whistles a few years ago, in the sale, I lived in those jeans. Jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket sums up my usual look. If I’m feeling a little sexy, swap the tee for a unitard or vest, something rather flattering for my shape. But alas, I lost the jeans, and have never been able to find another pair that were so perfect.

I found this picture of Alice Stone, founder and designer of Lily and Lionel on the Show Me Your Wardrobe blog and fell in love with her style. Not only does she have the worlds best scarf collection, but also a wardrobe to die for. In my ideal world, I would be rocking some boyfriend jeans, tight top, nice sandals and a life supply of Lily and Lionel scarves. So for this short-lived Indian Summer we are having, I suggest you stock up on Lily and Lionel scarves, something that will look stunning in summer and chic in winter.


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