[Move over Myleene]

When it was announced early last month that Marks & Spencer were axing their celebrity packed ad campaigns (the ones who brought us a smug gaggle of famous girls pretending to be normal and dancing around in their pants), we presumed that was all part of a cost-cutting drive – we are still in a recession after all. But we were very wrong.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the internet flooded with leaked images of the Marks & Spencer’s Autograph Collection, starring the beautiful Victoria’s Secret model, Burberry Body babe and Transformers actress, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Hollywood film star  and ex Mr Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds and the male supermodel, David Gandy.

“Rosie and Ryan are the perfect fit for Autograph – beautiful, exclusive and absolutely contemporary. On set, they worked together to deliver a mesmerising performance which allowed us to capture shots that literally sizzle with excitement and an air of mystery” says Steve Sharp, M&S Executive Director.

Reynolds seems equally pleased with the casting, “I was thrilled when M&S asked me to be in their campaign and Rosie was a pleasure to work with.”

I bet she was Ryan. The smouldering Rosie has become 2011’s unofficial pin-up girl after a string of drop-dead sexy red carpet appearances and an eye-catching turn for Burberry’s recently launched ‘Body’ fragrance which sees her pose naked but for a strategically placed trench coat (more on that tomorrow!).

Meanwhile David Gandy (of tight, white Dolce & Gabbana trunks fame) leans artfully against the handlebars of a vintage Piaggio looking terribly dapper in a sharp blue wool blazer and coordinating piercing eyes.

Gandy was captured by renowned fashion photographer Uli Weber in Lecce, Italy in ‘continental mood’ for the Collezione Autumn 2011 collection.

Word on the street is that M&S have also snuggled up with X Factor providing ALOT of the performers clothes aswel as running ad break competitions – world domination anyone?

To view the new collection, click here.



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