[Heart on my Finger]

Some times it’s just lucky to stumble across someone so talented. I met the lovely Laura Gravestock just under a year ago during the EC One Unsigned competition and became totally obsessed by her jewellery. My favourite collection without a doubt is the ‘Written’ collection – fun, playful and carefree.

Back in February I saw on twitter Laura had created a special set of her key ‘written’ pieces in rose gold and I remembered again why I loved this intricate collection. I dropped about a thousand hints to get the Single Heart Ring from my boyfriend but to no avail – however the lovely Laura knew I was after it.

So last week I was more than delighted when two simple black boxes with purple ribbon appeared in my letter box, my heart skipping a beat when I saw Laura Gravestocks name. In the first box, THE single heart ring, in gold (a more wearable colour for me) matching my outline heart tattoo on my left wrist, this simple heart, now worn on my right index finger, says it all. Then I saw the ‘Hannah’ necklace on an extra long gold chain. The font is what attracted me to this necklace, it’s curly and unlike all the other name necklaces you see around. I’m so happy with these pieces, both are so simple, but so intricate it means I can wear them everyday.


Thank you so much Laura xxxx


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