[Stolen by a Badass]

Quite an eventful weekend really!

Friday night I saw a fresh car crash, which ended up with me driving the wrong way back up a duel carriage way to get home, then having to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting a little fox cub. Saturday I went back to my old stomping ground (Tooting, South London) and my bag got nicked! While sitting in a curry house my bag was taken from under my chain – phone, cash (all £6 of it) and my oyster card swipped. An hour later a member of staff found my bag out the back by the bins and returned it to me. Still in my bag was my monthly travel card (expensive!), my bank card (cancelled) my driving licence, bank card and car keys.

So after dragging my boyfriend to the phone shop yesterday, and spending a lot more money than I had intended, I now have a new contract and a shiny new iPhone 4.

If you’re a friend of mine, I don’t have your number anymore. I’m on the same number so please text me with who you are!



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