[This Week I Bought…]

Last weekend (as I’ve mentioned a few times now) I went to Ireland! On Friday me and my bestie popped into Belfast city centre to check out the shops, and I have to say I was quite impressed. Our first (and last) stop was Urban Outfitters. I’d fallen out of love with Urban Outfitters over the summer, it was all a bit too ‘festival’ and a bit too ‘rough round the edges’. I have more demin and florals than I can shake a stick at and I found UO wasn’t offering much else. But fear not, I’m back in love with the shop. I tried on tons of things and came out with a very injured debit card and these two beauties. The first is a salmon pink sleeveless shirt dress, with concealed buttons and the other, a loose knit beige and white jumper. Both are very transitional pieces and very wearable. The jumper you can buy here, but the dress isn’t online yet.

Happy Girl.


2 thoughts on “[This Week I Bought…]

  1. you should check out those pieces in store. Im a size 10 on top with quite large chest. Normally shirts gape but this one didnt. The knit I sized up to a L as i wanted it looser but it looks good on.

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