[The Palace and the Dress]

It’s difficult to imagine what it would be like to attend a state event at Buckingham Palace – but fret not! This Summer Buckingham Palace has opened it’s (rather large) doors to the public (via an airport like security check), allowing visitors to wonder through the grand state rooms (protected by perspex and seasonal staff), admire the collection of Fabergé Easter Eggs, and of course get a look at the real-life Kate Middleton Wedding Dress.

Note: The Grazia image of K-Middy was definitely photo-shopped, the waist is quite normal for a size 8 gal.

It might sound lame and a little ridiculous that on a hot Summers day I pay £17.50 to wonder around Buckingham Palace with my buddy Laura – but it was actually fascinating. Parts of the Palace resemble an upmarket hotel foyer, others a museum. The thrones are surprisingly modest and I found the large windows and Nash ceilings really quite charming. Among the paintings in the Picture Gallery are Rembrandts, Rubens and Vermeers, something to add to the tour. The visitor route finishes in the back garden of the Palace and includes a 450-metre walk along the west side of the garden, which offers views of the garden, palace and nineteenth-century lake. A perfect setting for a summers day, you feel totally peaceful in the heart of London.

The dress itself, which lets face it was my main reason for going, was amazing. You walk into the slightly spooky room it’s displayed in and hear the familiar voice of Sarah Burton, talking you through the whole making process via two large flat screen TVs. You also get to see close up images of the detailing on the dress, the six different kinds of lace etc. The Duchess of Cambridge’s dress is on show along with her ‘something borrowed’ 1936 Cartier tiara, which was lent to the bride by the Queen, and a replica of the multi-tiered royal wedding cake created by cake designer Fiona Cairns.

Well worth a visit if you have a couple of hours to spare, it really is worth it.



2 thoughts on “[The Palace and the Dress]

  1. I’ve been to an event in the palace gardens – they are rather spectacular. Didn’t get to see Kate’s dress though, which I imagine was something else!

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