What a weekend it was…

The first of 3 blog posts will be about the devastating massacre in Norway. A double attack, the first – a bomb in the capital, Oslo. The second, a horrific gun rampage at a political youth camp. Yes, a YOUTH camp. How one person can be that sick and twisted is beyond me. My Norwegian friend refuses to mention his name, and I will not either.

I struggle to imagine how Norwegians are coping, sifting through trying to name bodies. Its a chilling thought. I remembered back to the London bombings, and how I spent my morning crying, trying to call my loved ones.

My thoughts go out to all Norwegians – they will come out of this stronger. Such an amazing nation. This should not be forgotten.


One thought on “[Os-love]

  1. Thanks for this – as you can imagine in a country of less than 5mill, where 700 youths from everywhere in Norway, everyone directly or indirectly affected. I really appreciate this post xx

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