[End of The World]

Today was a significant day in media history….or history in general actually. Britain’s best-selling Sunday Newspaper, The News Of The World has been closed by ruthless News International owner, Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch’s son James, who runs his UK titles, told the paper’s 200 staff that Sunday’s edition of the paper, which sells 2.6m copies a week, would be its last, ending the 168-year history of the title his father bought in 1969.

99% of the staff were not working on the publication when all the phone hacking took place, some of which I knew personally. As the news broke my entire office went silent. Words couldn’t quite explain what was happening. This is my industry, these are people I know.

Yes, what News of The World did when Rebekah Brooks was editor is beyond disgusting – but it doesn’t stop me feeling terrible for all those who lost their jobs when it had nothing to do with them, and the people who were involved, are still employed.


Note: These views are my own and are in no way linked to my place of work.


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