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Guilt free spending, now that’s what I like. This week thanks to the lovely Alex from Alex Loves and the girls from The Style Rawr I found a new super cute obsession – SpiritHoods.

More than just a wild fashion accessory, these comfy handmade  faux-fur hoods symbolize a shared bond we have with our wild natures, our ‘spirits’. Whether you love fashion, adventure, animals, music, festivals, nightlife, the outdoors – or are simply just wild at heart – SpiritHoods are for you.

For every hood that’s purchased, SpiritHoods donate 10% of their proceeds to non-profit organisations that protect endangered species. So basically if you buy a Bear, you help a Bear, if you buy a Panda, you help a Panda – so on and so fourth.
It’s hard to decide which one I want more, with each hood representing a different ‘spirit’. I think maybe I’m more of a Grey Wolf, but these are my top 3.

Grizzly Bear:

Wisdom » Power » Introspection

The spirit of the grizzly bear is one of great power and wisdom. They are large, fierce, strong, and move with great speed in spite of their size. The spirit of the grizzly imparts protection, spiritual power, and good health. The Grizzly is a fierce defender of the young, and can be a teacher, healer and leader. Hibernation of the bear symbolizes death, rebirth, and introspection. This spirit imparts wisdom and strength to help one find new insights and achieve life goals.


Valor » Victory » Inner-strength

The Husky spirit embodies spiritual well -being, resilience, and the ability to survive and guide others. This animal spirit works well with others and has great endurance in extreme circumstances. They are athletic, embodied, and have great physical strength. The Husky has immense determination and faith on a quest. They are hopeful and can survive in harsh environments. Their family bonds are strong, and they are extremely loyal to their pack.

Grey Wolf:

Loyal » Social » Teacher

Those with a wolf spirit are fiercely loyal creatures. They are team players and work well in groups. The wolf is a social animal and a great communicator, often teaching those around it.


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