[Up A Tree House]

Last month was my Dad’s 60th Birthday (bless his cotton socks), and in true family tradition we did something a little out of the ordinary. The day started off with Pop going to climb the tree he first learnt to climb, just to make sure he could do it. Check. Then we all met at our house (family, friends) and went on a little surprise road trip called a joyful little place called ‘Fanny’s Farm Shop‘. Located in the depths of the Surrey countryside, my brother and I have grown up going to this farm. We went to school with the owners daughter and my parents have been going back ever since. Not only is it a wonderful eccentric farm-house, it also has the best tea room around. What I didn’t know however, was out the back at the bottom of the garden was a tree house. A tree house that you can hire out and have your own little tea party there!

It was amazing, the cakes were delicious, the tea divine and the whole atmosphere totally British and a little wacky. The whole day was topped off by a magician! I highly recommend that if you’re looking for something a little different, something very eccentric and some tasty food – it’s worth the drive.

I don’t want to ever get old.



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