So today’s the day – Mulberry count down is over! TODAY’S THE DAY. TODAY’S THE DAY! I should pretend to be cool and pretend like today is the same as any other for me. But that would be a massive lie, it isn’t everyday that I buy a Mulberry. In fact this may be the only day ever I can buy a Mulberry. I’ve waited for this day a very long time. I’m one happy happy lady. Her name will be Bree. Even better is my friend (who I’m forever indebted to) scored an almighty 40% off. I might have a heart attack. If you find a girl lying on the pavement in Clerkenwell, clutching a Mulberry Alexa bag (and some new Ray Bans) please, don’t steal things from her, just give her a blanket.


One thought on “[Mulbreeee]

  1. Hello lovely, I kept seeing your Mulberry countdown tweets on Twitter, but didn’t realise you had your own blog until now. And as the biggest Mulberry fan girl there is (in fact I’ve deemed May to be ‘Mulberry Month’ on my blog…), I can understand your excitement!! I got the Silky Snake Tillie a couple of months ago (also thanks to a discount!) and smile every time I see her swinging from my shoulder.

    May yours and Alexa’s be a long and happy relationship 😉

    Briony xx

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