[God Save McQueen]

I promise this is my last post about the Royal Wedding. What a blooming day it was! After waking up at 8am, donning my Prince Philip mask and popping open some Bucks Fizz, I set my position for the day. With breakfast and lunch passing I sat with my friends (the Queen and Prince Willy) watching every moment. As typical fashion girls, it was all about THE dress. Would it be Temperly? Would it be McQueen? Or would it be an unknown…

Along with every fashion editor in the world we all had our fingers crossed for McQueen. On Thursday evening when ‘someone’ in flats and a giant fury hat entered the Gosling Hotel twitter erupted with speculation that it must have been McQueen’s Sarah Burton. That was the only sign we needed.

The dress (which was McQueen) was perfect. Understated and elegant (not like Diana’s monstrosity) Kate Middleton’s dress was incredible. The lace, the viel, the train – all fit for a princess. (Note: The boyfriend would like to add that Pippa Middleton (who also wore McQueen) looked amazing).

A Royal day to remember, and I loved every minute of it. Long Live McQueen.


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