[Doreen McQueen]

Sorry for the slight silence. I had the most amazing bank holiday Easter weekend. My bessie mate from Ireland was over, so I had my party pants on, followed by a giant BBQ at the BF’s house. I’ve been meaning to post this for so long – enjoy.

If you follow me on twitter you probably expected a post sooner or later on my new baby – Doreen McQueen (yes I like to name things). Doreen isn’t just another scarf, she’s a beautiful silk Alexander McQueen scarf – an item I’ve always wanted. This isn’t the kind of thing I can buy every day, it was a special pat-on-the-back treat. The day I was going to New York, my boss gave me a bonus for all my hard work. After the gasp and little happiness tear I changed my money up into dollars. Unfortunately McQueen is so much more expensive in America so I waited patiently till I came home.

Then I popped my Net-A-Porter cherry.

The package arrived so fast. The box was slick, chic and black with the trademark ribbon. I opened it very slowly and carefully taking pictures and posting to twitter as I went. Then I saw her, and fell in love.


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