[The Big Race]

Quite a heart-felt blog from me today. Something new I know!

So for the first time ever, this weekend I took notice of the London Marathon. I’ve never seen it on TV, never really been interested, and always skipped over the news about it – but this year was different – a good friend of mine was running yesterday in memory of her mother who sadly passed away. She has been solidly training pretty much every other day since way before Christmas in preparation for the big race, quite a show of dedication right there.

Me and the boyfriend (who was best man at her wedding) popped up to London to watch her run by. At first I was totally overwhelmed by the whole thing, I hate crowds, I have no sense of direction, and I hate being late. Total nightmare. It’s hard to be late, if you don’t know what time your meant to be there or where to go, so you can imagine my total dismay. But I stuck to the my friends running plan, 12.30, mile 22. As I barged my way up to the second row of spectators I finally got what the marathon is all about. Yes it’s a MASSIVE achievement for all those involved, alot of money is raised for charity, but also, London all gets together to support one another. For once there was no one hoping someone would fail, no one waiting for someone to faint or fall. Every single person there was a well-wisher. Strangers would run past and we would all cheer them on (by name (displayed on the front of their top) clapping, whistling and chanting. It actually brought a tear to my eye (and I’m not a crier) watching someone who was walking, breaking back out into a jog after everyone around me started willing them on. It was so amazing to be involved in. The crowd brought that little bit extra to the runners, gave them the final push I’m sure they all needed.

Then of course I saw my friend stride on by at a hell of a pace. With the use of my boyfriends towering height and ability to whistle really loudly we got her attention and waved. The grin that appeared across her face made the whole day utterly worth it. 🙂 That final push. Mrs Thrower, your one hell of a lady.

It’s actually amazing what some people can achieve, I know I could never do anything like that. I take my hat off to anyone who ran yesterday.

Hannah’s Note: Also a huge congrats to Mamma Beardo who also ran yesterday (it’s her second year doing it!) Sorry I missed you! x


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